New Legacy Charter School desires innovative, committed educators for both the high school and early learning center. Please click on the listings below to see the range of jobs available for the 2018-19 school year.


What It Means to be a New Legacy Team Member

We seek mission-aligned team members who are hard-working, collaborative, passionate, and flexible. We seek individuals from diverse backgrounds who thrive in a student-centered environment of respect, trust, and high expectations. We seek individuals who are relational and care deeply about meeting the needs of young parents through a strong academic program. As a startup organization, we seek individuals who enjoy building something where there once was nothing and who are comfortable with the uncertainty that typically accompanies the creative process.

Our team members must be willing to invest in all aspects of students’ development. For example, our core academic teachers must be willing to address students’ health needs. Our health educator must be willing to address students’ academic needs. While each team member will have a specific focus, our students’ needs are complex and all team members must be willing to jump in and work with other team members when needed to effectively serve students.

In addition, all team members must be committed to culturally-relevant pedagogy and planning that aligns with Colorado Academic Standards and Common Core State Standards. Finally, we seek team members who are committed to frequent data cycles that address student needs, and have experience using data to inform instructional decision-making.


New Legacy Commitments

To support our team members, New Legacy is committed to the following:

  • Extensive Professional Development and Coaching
  • Dedicated Planning Time
  • Strong School Culture
  • Small School and Small Class Sizes
  • Shared Leadership

Job Postings