Kiarra, a 2022 New Legacy graduate, began attending New Legacy when she learned she was pregnant with her daughter, Violet.

Kiarra’s favorite subjects at New Legacy were math and parenting. “I would not be the parent I am today without New Legacy’s help and support,” she says. “The parenting classes we have help me learn new ways to raise and take care of my child that will be effective for the both of us in the future.” Violet’s smile lit up the school every day, and Kiarra’s compassion and nurturing nature fit right in at New Legacy. This compassion led to her interest in social work and childcare. During her senior year, Kiarra took the Child Development Associate classes offered at New Legacy. Through these classes, she earned a CDA certificate, allowing her to become an ELC teacher.

Kiarra’s advice for underclass students is simple yet powerful: “Accomplish your goals at your own pace. Do not let anyone stop you or drag you down.”