One of our favorite things as a school is sharing stories from our alumni. Bianca, pictured above with her daughters Sherlyn and Paulette, graduated with New Legacy’s first class in 2016. By her side was Sherlyn, who was then two years old. After nearly dropping out of high school when she became a mother, Bianca found New Legacy. She was excited that New Legacy could provide her daughter with quality education while helping her get the credits she needed to graduate and enroll in college. She attended Pickens Technical College and began working as a dental assistant at Adventure Dental, where she is now Dental Team Lead. Having recently welcomed her second daughter, Paulette, Bianca hopes to continue growing into leadership roles or becoming a hygienist. Bianca says of her time at New Legacy:

“Finding New Legacy was like a new opportunity given to me. Since the first day, New Legacy made me feel part of a community. New Legacy gave me the confidence and reassurance of why I needed to believe in myself and most importantly to remind myself who is looking at me as a role model, and that was my daughter Sherlyn.”