Daniel and Tylayja welcomed their son, Daniel Jr., in May 2022. Daniel had been out of school for two years, but when Daniel Jr. was born, Daniel dedicated himself to continuing his education and building a strong relationship with his son. Tylayja knew that in order to graduate from high school she would need to find a more supportive community that could help her grow as a parent and a student. The family heard about New Legacy from their primary care physician and they enrolled this fall.

As they settled in at New Legacy, Daniel and Tylayja were excited to see how well the school supports families like theirs. They both love their Parenting classes, saying they are learning every day how to understand their baby emotionally and physically with a lot of help from their teachers. “Us being new at parenting, they let us know so much,” Daniel says. “They guide us and show us new ways to think and do things.” Knowing that Daniel Jr. is happy and that they have the tools to be excellent parents to him helps them feel safe and supported as they continue their own education and forge a new future for their family.

They’ve thought a lot about what that future will hold. Tylayja’s experience as a new mother influenced her interest in working in early childhood, so she began an internship in the ELC. Meanwhile, Daniel started interning at Heavy Hands Heavy Hearts, an Aurora community center that uses behavioral therapy, the arts, and physical fitness to provide a safe and positive outlet for adults and youth. He feels like he found a place where he can explore his passions for fitness, community, and connection to his past. 

Daniel and Tylayja’s talents and skills were readily apparent from their first day at New Legacy, and they feel like they’ve grown exponentially as students and parents since they arrived. They are now both on the path to graduation. This eventful year has made them feel closer to each other, closer to their son, and closer to a bright future for all three of them.