Due to staff shortages New Legacy will be going to a revised schedule for January 10th to 21st.  Please click here for details.

We are currently enrolling students for this school year and the 2022-2023 school year!  Click here or email enrollment@newlegacycharter.net.

Two Generations of Learners

New Legacy is a small charter school tailored to the unique needs of teen parents. We serve pregnant and parenting high school eligible students (male and female) and their children ages 0-5. 



New Legacy is now enrolling new students for this year and the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. 


With the heightened concerns of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), New Legacy would like to share some important information with our students, families, and friends.  

Family Focus

Bianca came to New Legacy when she learned she was pregnant with her son, Xa’Kye. With her hard work, leadership, and desire to improve her life and her son’s life, we are lucky she chose us! Bianca is thankful to the ELC for the education they are giving Xa’Kye. He loves circle time, which includes singing, reading, and painting. She credits much of her own success to the one-on-one support from staff that helps her stay on track, and she especially loves her parenting class. As a senior exploring potential career paths, Bianca is interested in a career in dentistry. We are excited to see where her drive and dedication take her! Biance gives the following advice to her fellow students: “Give it your all. Don’t give up. If you are stuck, don’t be scared. New Legacy gave me confidence to ask for help because staff will help you any time. The staff taught me to advocate for myself. You can do it too.”


What Students are Saying

“Anything is possible, especially at this school. We are an example for our children.”

Sahari Riveras Torres

“Even through hardship and struggle, finishing school is important, and I want my daughter to know you can go on to do anything life has in store for you.”

Tasia Keithline

“[New Legacy] is preparing my son and I in a way no other school could. They offered me the flexibility and a sense of community.” 

Sabrina Suarez

Help our students have a brighter future