One major philosophy of Big Picture Learning Schools (of which we are one) is that we don’t just enroll students…“We Enroll Families.” As a school for teen parents and their children, family is a major part of our model and culture. But family doesn’t just include parents and children. Many times, the siblings of teen parents join our school as well.

When Adela had her son, Sebastian, she knew she needed to leave her old high school because there was “too much drama.” She tried online school but found it too difficult to focus while taking care of an infant. That is when she found New Legacy. When touring the school, her family felt that New Legacy would work for her and Sebastian as well as be a great place for her brothers, Fabian and Juan.

Both Adela and Juan said they loved that New Legacy was “chill” and that they did not have to deal with any drama here. Fabian agreed, adding that he loves the way our social work team supports students’ social-emotional needs. “Teachers help in explaining, and all the support staff are there to help when you need to talk things out,” Adela added.

Along with the personalized attention all of them get, they love the fact they have a say in their curriculum. Already, Fabian has interned with the Early Learning Center (ELC), pictured in the inset above. He loved being called “Mr. Fabian” by staff and children in the ELC. He is also exploring marketing and engineering as possible careers. Adela also just started interning in the ELC and plans to start a certification program in phlebotomy while at New Legacy. As the youngest, Juan is just beginning his interest exploration and hopes to find an internship in mechanics or construction. He hopes to become a drywall expert.

As the older brother, Fabian loves the fact he can be in the same school as his siblings. He loves supporting them and being an involved uncle to Sebastian. Adela is excited to see Sebastian’s growth in the ELC. “Both Sol and Roxana have shown me the importance of motor skills so I can work with Sebastian at home,” she says. She also understands milestones for her son so she can make sure he is always on track.

We are a two-generation model for teen parents and their children, and we are so much more. We enroll families so that entire generations are set up for success.