“I like an interior that defies labeling. I don’t really want
someone to walk into a room and know that I did it.”
— Bunny Williams —

The above quotation from renowned interior designer Bunny Williams resonates with Imani. As she works toward becoming an interior designer while also raising her son, Kayden, she—like so many of our teen parents—is defying teen parent labels.  

When Imani and her partner Jayden found out they would be having a baby, they knew they wanted a different education for themselves and their child. With the help of their high school counselor, they found New Legacy. Imani looked at other schools but said, “New Legacy allowed both moms and dads, so Jayden and I chose the school.” Now, they are raising Kayden together while finishing their high school education.

However, a high school diploma is just the beginning for Imani. She just finished taking digital literacy classes and is now taking a college-level AutoCAD course. All of this is so she can pursue her dream of becoming an interior designer. As Imani puts it, “The school is opening doors for me.” She is excited about her future because she knows there is support at New Legacy. “The staff is amazing; you always have someone to talk to with no judgment.”

The support extends to Kayden in the ELC. Imani states the ELC “provides stability for him and creates happy moments learning new things, with body and mind.” She shouts out lead teacher Elyssa (who is an NLCS alumna) for giving her lessons she can do at home to support Kayden’s development. 

As a senior, Imani appreciates the community and family she is part of at New Legacy, emphasizing the fun she has in advisory and at whole-school events like the school’s annual Trunk or Treat for Halloween or the Thanksgiving event “Tamales and Pies.”  

A few months ago, Imani spoke at the Colorado League of Charter School’s 30th Anniversary Celebration. A photo of Imani, Jayden, and Kayden at this event is above. Imani was the only student speaker among directors, legislators, and the governor, and many attendees stated that her speech was the most engaging of them all.

Imani and so many of her classmates defy labels in their actions and the amazing citizens they are becoming. In ten years you may be quoting another famous interior designer—Imani!