As a new teen dad, Angel knew he needed to find a school that would help him get his education while also taking care of his daughter, Unique. When he found New Legacy at the beginning of this year, he knew it was a fit. Angel said he is so appreciative of the ELC because they will “take care of Unique so I can focus on my education.” With Unique’s vocabulary expanding, her educational needs are being met along with her social-emotional needs. Angel is grateful to the ELC staff for all they are doing for his daughter so that he can focus on his education during the day.

Angel says, “(New Legacy) is small so you get help. Other schools didn’t help with the future.” Angel wants to get an education so he can be “professionally free to be there for my child.” This is one reason the real estate field is of interest to him. Through our real-world learning program, he was able to interview a realtor. He says of this experience, “He told me everything I needed to know; it was fun. I had a great time learning, and I’d like to meet him again!” Math and his project on real estate are some of Angel’s favorite activities in school. He also enjoys his parenting class, where he is learning different parenting styles.

With Unique thriving in the ELC, Angel is taking advantage of the many opportunities at New Legacy. His advice to incoming New Legacy students is, “Don’t mess around and focus on your education—be there for your child and focus on your future for you and them.”