Three weeks ago, we held our Quarter 1 Exhibitions. These Exhibitions give students a chance to showcase their learning and tell their stories. During many student presentations, I saw our school’s mission in action. For example, part of our mission is to help students raise healthy children. I listened to students talk about how the Parenting and ELC staff teach them what they need to know to keep their children healthy. Another piece of our mission is helping students find their post-secondary paths. I heard students talk about taking college classes, completing certification programs, and participating in internships.

One of our students, Nate (above in blue), is working on an internship and has formed a strong bond with his internship mentor. Nate did not attend school last year thinking high school had nothing to offer him. After finding New Legacy and learning about our Real-World Learning (RWL) program, he decided to give it a try. His attendance has improved, thanks in large part to the internship he found through the RWL program. He is working at an auto mechanic shop and says that this internship is the main reason he is still in school.

One thing that makes his internship exciting for all of us is that Nate’s internship mentor, Daniel (above in gray), is himself a New Legacy graduate! When Daniel attended New Legacy, his RWL project was to start a mobile mechanic business. He created a business plan and ran his business while he was in school, and he did it so successfully that he was able to open his own shop shortly after he graduated in May 2023. Daniel says the RWL program and the New Legacy staff were a big part of his success. He is excited to have the opportunity to give back to the school and the students by being an internship mentor. We are proud of Daniel for bringing our mission full circle by both benefiting from and carrying forward our programming!